How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Love a great cup of coffee but looking for something a little ‘cooler’? Here’s our favourite recipe for a cold brew. Make it the night before and enjoy it all day.  

Overnight Cold Brew Recipe 

  • Put 60g of coffee in a French Press, 1L mason jar, or other container* 
  • Add 1L of cold water 
  • Steep 12-16 hours, gently shaking, or agitating it once midway 

*We recommend making cold brew in a French Press, it makes the straining much easier!  

 Recipe for cold brew coffee in French press Stirring coffee in French press to make cold brew coffee

Planning to add ice or milk? Make it a bit stronger, try 80g of coffee. 

For the best cold brew coffee experience, we recommend using Andes Mountains Medium Coffee or East Africa Dark Coffee . 

Looking for an easier way? Our Tasting Room sells a cold brew bottle. Fill it with ground coffee and water and enjoy the next day. 

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