How to Make Ice Coffee

How to Make Ice Coffee

The sun is shining, the days are warmer, and it is finally time for iced coffee! Here are our best tips for making an incredible iced coffee. We love the Japanese Style Iced Coffee, which is a pour-over coffee directly onto ice. It makes for a clean, iced coffee that allows the flavours to sing out.  

Making iced coffee is just like making regular coffee, except you need to account for the ice. Keep it simple: brew coffee twice as strong and enjoy over ice!  

How to Make an Iced Pour Over  

  • 4 tbsp (24 g) of ground coffee  
  • 210 mL of water, just off the boil  
  • Brew directly over one cup of ice 
  • Pour hot water, about 30mL at a time, 30 seconds apart
  • Enjoy!
Level Ground pour-over iced coffee recipeBrewing iced coffee using a pour-over with Level Ground coffee
Glass of Level Ground iced coffee brewed with a pour-over

How to Make an Iced French Press (1L) 

  • 9 tbsp (55g) of ground coffee
  • Fill half way with water, just off the boil (~450 mL)  
  • Stir to saturate the grounds completely, place screen on top of grounds. 
  • Wait 4 minutes (or a bit longer if you like more intensity)  
  • Press and pour over two cups of ice* 
  • Share and enjoy!  

Note: You may prefer to add a little more ice after the chilling process is done (it does melt!).  

For the best iced coffee experience, we recommend using Andes Mountains Medium or East Africa Dark. 

Iced coffee recipe using French press and Level Ground coffee

Are you someone who wants to get nerdy about it? Keep reading here:  

Making iced coffee is just like making regular coffee, with one key difference: you need to account for the ice as part of your water content. That means when you use your Golden Ratio of 17:1 for water to coffee, you use half of the water amount in ice.

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