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Why We Love Agronomists (And How They Improve Your Coffee)

An agronomist is an expert in the science of soil and soil management. Why is this so important for the coffee industry? Specific conditions are required for growing healthy coffee such as climate, elevation and soil. Agronomists study soil quality to better understand and gather information on current and future coffee harvests. Without agronomists, coffee (and many other crops) wouldn't be what they are.

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Single Origin Coffee vs Blends: Personal Preference

In general, there are two compositions of coffee: single origin and blends. Neither is better or worse than the other (depending on who you ask) but some roasters pride themselves on being Single Origin. Single origin coffee typically is sourced from one origin. This can be defined as specific as a single producer, from a certain region, a particular variety or as widely as an entire country. Coffee blends are a combination of multiple single origins from numerous sources. Blending coffees can create additional layers and depths to coffee when using complimentary flavours. Some of Level Ground’s favourite coffees are...

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Six white mugs with coffee, silver metal coffee trays with coffee beans

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee is a common term in the coffee industry and one that the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) was built around. Specialty coffee is  not referring to a ‘special coffee drink’. Rather, this term is about the quality and the grading level that is tested and rated by the SCA standards.

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Tea farmer and child in tea garden laugh

Meet Tea Grower Tenzing

Tenzing is a small-scale tea grower in Assam, India. He's committed to organic tea cultivation because he's seen the impact of chemicals firsthand.  Tenzing tells a story of a labourer in a tea garden with a spray pack, full of chemicals.  The container started to leak onto the labourer's neck. The labourer urgently took off his shirt to rinse in a nearby pond. As he rinsed the shirt, fish died and floated to the pond's surface. Upon witnessing this event, Tenzing committed to organic tea production!

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Brewed coffee poured from Chemex into black mug

How to Brew: Pour Over Coffee (Chemex)

Two quick step-by-step tutorials explaining how to use the pour over brew method.  METHOD #1: LEVEL GROUND METHOD Recipe: 5 tbsp (35g) medium grind coffee, 600mL hot water METHOD: • Place filter in Chemex with the 3 layered side towards the spout. • Preheat the Chemex and filter by pouring hot water through them. • Pour out water, replace filter & put ground coffee in filter. • Place chemex on scale and tare to zero. • Start timing, and pour about 80g (mL) of water over the coffee. Gently stir the grounds to make sure they are all saturated. • Wait...

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Steamed milk poured into latte mug on wooden counter

How to Steam Milk at Home

Making your own decadent steamed milk drink at home is a lot easier than you think and doesn't necessarily require any expensive or intimidating equipment. All you need is your favourite coffee, milk (dairy or not), and quick instructions on how to put it all together. We've got some top tips to help you become an expert and make delicious drinks at home. When you add milk to your coffee, it can enhance the flavour profile of your brew, adding a touch of creaminess. When you heat the milk, it takes it a step further, caramelizing the sugar in the...

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Male mango farmer smiles

Meet Colombian Mango Farmer Don Israel

Don Israel is the face of our dried mango. Don Israel (‘Don’ is the Spanish prefix to show respect) grows organic mango on his land in Vereda Guacana, Colombia. He owns approximately eight hectares of land which supports the work of two farming families and eight additional families during harvest time. Through converting to organic practices, Israel says he has gained a new sense of appreciation for sustainable practices and an increased environmental awareness. Most notably, he is motivated to continue to grow sustainably for the future! Don Israel sells his mangoes to Fruandes, receiving a fair price for his crops. Visiting Don...

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