Meet Bijit & Swapna.

Meet Bijit.  

Green Tea
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Bijit is one of the nine tea growers we work with in Assam, India. He is an amazing leader, and continually offers his time to create community within all of the tea growers. He and his wife, Swapna, reach out to others who are new to growing tea to encourage them. They continually invest in education to increase tea quality.


But really, the story is about Swapna.

Swapna is Bijit's wife, the face of green tea, and the one who keeps it all together. She manages the processing facility and leads the team of women who pluck tea on their garden during harvest. She is kind-hearted, conscientious, and dilligently employs many people from the nearby village. 


Bijit and Swapna embody Fair Trade in Assam, India. They care for their labourers, neighbours, and the land on which they cultivate tea. We are incredibly lucky to visit them each time we travel to India.

Swapna, Alicia, Bijit, Laurie (Level Ground), and Wyn (Level Ground).

Swapna, Alicia, Bijit, Laurie (Level Ground), and Wyn (Level Ground).