Meet Colombian Golden Berry Farmer Albeiro

Golden berry farmer standing in front of golden berry bush

Albeiro is a husband, father, and one of fifteen farmers who grow organic golden berries as a member of Biofruit NAPOLI. 

He is a trained Agronomist from Bogota, Colombia. When his father, Hernan, joined the golden berry association, Albeiro moved back to Nariño to join his family. Albeiro holds a university degree, and is a great asset to the community where the average education ends at elementary school. 

He is now the leader of Biofruit NAPOLI, the Golden Berry Association, and advocate for organic production. 

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Golden berry farmer in yellow rubber boots, standing in vineyard
LGT Fruandes Golden Berry BioFruit Napoli

What is Biofruit NAPOLI?


What's in the name?

Biofruit NAPOLI was started in 2007 by six members:

Nancy, Alba, Piedad, Osvina, Leonardo*, & Lilliana.  (*Leonardo was the only male founder of the association!)

The association has 16 members, 15 of which are farmers. Giraldo Rosero, the only non-farmer member, operates a nursery for golden berry plant starters. He carefully nourishes the seeds into starters, then farmers come to purchase and plant the starters in their farms. 

Each member owns a farm. Collectively they hire 81 workers who harvest and sort the leaves. The vast majority of these workers are women, which is a welcomed change in Colombia. All of the members meet on the first Sunday of every month. They gather to share success stories, organic practices, and encourage each other in their work. 

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