Meet Colombian Banana Farmer Orlando

Male banana farmer standing outside

Meet Orlando, Leader of The Banana Farmers’ Association, And King Of Organic.  

Even without a word of English, Orlando is one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. His smile and laugh announce his presence everywhere he goes. Quick to make jokes, Orlando draws people near: family, friends, and visitors. But don't let that fool you - Orlando is dead serious about one thing: organic farming.

Top view dried banana and greenery on white background
Top view banana trees

How Serious is Orlando About Organic Farming? 

Orlando creates organic mixtures to solve any problem on his farm. If a plant needs more nitrogen, he's got a blue bin for that. More calcium? There's a bin for that! He shares the mixtures with members of the association, ensuring they all have a healthy harvest.

So How Does Orlando Make All of These Mixtures?

It's a science. He takes organic materials from his farm, and neighbouring farms, and combines with precision. One key is using run-off from his neighbour's pigs. They take the organic material that the pigs produce, allow it to ferment, and use the nutrient rich material. The gas resulting from that process is used to power their homes!

Landscape, banana trees, dirt path
Organic dried banana, 130g package, fresh banana on cutting board

Orlando's success has allowed him to spread the impact throughout his family

His brothers, who were stuck working in coca production, called Orlando to ask for help. His response: to take them in without hesitation. Now, all the brothers live together, producing healthy plants that give life. 

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