Easy Ways to Make Better Coffee Now

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There's nothing better than that first (or second, or third in our case!) cup of coffee in the morning. Let's walk through some basic steps to improve your coffee game! 

1. Clean Your Equipment

Don’t be afraid to really pull apart your machine and give it a deep clean. Whether it is a coffee pot, French press, or any other method, soap and water will do the trick. We recommend cleaning it frequently, as coffee oils can build up on your equipment and will impart unwanted flavours on your cup.

2. Buy Good Beans

You’re going to get out of your cup of coffee what you put into it. Here’s what to look for when buying coffee beans:

Arabica beans (watch out for Robusta, those beans are used as a cheap filler).

Small-batch roasted – this allows for greater control and roasting perfection.

Origin Transparency – you want to know where your favourite beans are coming from. Roasters that identify the origin are not likely to be hiding lower quality beans.

3. Make Sure It’s Fresh

Coffee peaks about 7 – 21 days after roasting. While that isn’t realistic to always find (unless you live beside a roaster), we recommend you look for coffee that was roasted between one and three months ago.

Some methods are more forgiving than others. Espresso requires fresh beans and careful attention, where more forgiving methods, like French Press and drip brewer, can produce a decent cup with more variance in beans.

4. Brew It Right

Although we all think we’re experts at “eyeballing” it when it comes to scooping coffee, there is nothing like following the golden ratio (1 part coffee to 17.42 parts water). But all you need to remember is the recipe for each type of coffee:

If you like to use a traditional drip brewer, try out this method, which uses 60g of coffee for a 12-cup pot.

French press lovers, we recommend 55g of coffee for a 1L press, but you can see a full recipe here

5. Try A New Method (Like Chemex Or Aeropress)

    Coffee is all about getting a flavour you like. If the way you’re preparing coffee isn’t doing it for you (or you just want to branch out), why not try some of these methods:

    Chemex – This attractive method produces an incredibly clean cup of coffee. It can be a little difficult to master, but with a scale and a bit of practice you’ll be golden. See our full step-by-step method here.

    Aeropress – Although it may appear daunting thanks to its modular appearance, the Aeropress is surprisingly easy to use. Plus, it’s super handy to pack for travelling. See our full step-by-step method here

    6. Store It In A Cool, Dark Place

    Coffee is happiest when it is hidden from light and air. If you don’t like to keep your coffee in the packaging you bought it in, make sure you transfer it to an airtight container that won’t let light in. A tin-tie, zipper, or seal will help keep the air out, and lock the freshness in.

    7. No, Not Your Freezer

    Somehow a rumour got started that the freezer is a good place for your coffee, but don’t fall for it! When beans are taken in and out of a freezer, condensation happens. Moisture and coffee are not friends! Any benefit you might have gained from freezing the beans is quickly nullified.

    8. Don’t Be Afraid To Drink Your Coffee The Way YOU Like It

      The best cup of coffee is the cup that you prefer. While so-called “coffee connoisseurs” will try to convince you it’s a sin to put sugar in your cup, we firmly believe that you should do what you like! If you like a splash of cream, go for it! If you prefer it black, enjoy that. And if you like two tablespoons of sugar, we’re certainly not going to fault you for it.

      Pour Over Coffee, Chemex brewer

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