Meet Indian Green Tea Farmer Someswar

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Green Tea Grower And Organic Champion

Who is Someswar?

Someswar grows and processes tea for Level Ground's Green Tea. Remarkably, Someswar has been a Small Tea Grower since 1976. In fact, he was the first small tea grower registered in Assam!

What is a Small Tea Grower?

A small tea grower is someone who owns and operates a tea garden (like a sole proprietor) - often their garden is in their backyard or close to their home.  Officially Small Tea Growers may have a garden up to ten hectares. The growers of Level Ground’s tea have gardens between one to ten acres.

Landscape tea garden, trees in distance

Organic Tea? Someswar is a Champion!

Someswar not only has pioneered the idea of small tea growing in Assam, but he is a champion of organic. He is an officially recognized trainer in organic tea growing and processing and uses his time to share the knowledge he's gained. Thanks to efforts like Someswar's, there will be more organic tea growers in Assam!

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Landscape tea garden, workers in hats pluck tea

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