What is Dragon Fruit?

Closeup cross section dragon fruit, help by child

It's a dragon! No, it's a fruit! Well, actually ... it's a cactus.

Dragon fruit is the delicious, yet dangerously spiky, yellow fruit that comes from cactus varieties in South America.

The Origin of Dragon Fruit 

In North America, we're accustomed to a bright pink dragon fruit, which typically comes from Asia.  In China the fruit is referred to as huǒlóng guǒ (火龍果), which translates to 'fire dragon fruit'! The juicy yellow dragon fruit we have is grown in Colombia - its real name is Pitahaya, but in English its nickname 'dragon fruit' has stuck! 

How is Dragon Fruit Grown?

This fruit grows in rows, similar to a vineyard. The plant is lifted off of the ground to help it grow and allow for easier harvesting. 

Yellow dragon fruit on vine


It contains vitamins: It's high in Vitamin C and B

It aids digestion! It's high in fibre and can help to get things moving in a healthy, organic way! (Warning: We don't recommend eating an entire package at once.)

Read about Simon and members of the Dragon Fruit Farmers Association here. 

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